Old English
"Strength of the army"

Hereswith Origin and Meaning

The name Hereswith is a girl's name meaning "Strength of the army".

Hereswith is a rare name that comes to us from the dark ages. She was a Northumbrian saint, whose more famous sister, Hilda, was the Abbess at Whitby and patron of the first English poet, Caedmon. The name has a soft, lispy sound that is more wearable than its spelling would suggest.

Famous People Named Hereswith

  • Saint Hereswith7th,century Northumbrian abbess; sister of Saint Hilda of Whitby

Hereswith in Pop Culture

  • Shares first element with Haroldand second element with Frideswide, Cyneswide, Ealhswith, Eanswith, etc.