"bear spear"

Berengaria Origin and Meaning

The name Berengaria is a girl's name meaning "bear spear".

Berengaria was one of the medieval queens of England - married to Richard I (also known as Richard the Lionheart). She was originally from Navarre (in modern northern Spain) and despite being the Queen of England, she only lived in England after her husband had died. Despite its royal roots, Berengaria is one of the less attractive medieval names, although it gets points for having an unusually strong meaning for a feminine name.

Famous People Named Berengaria

  • Berengaria of NavarreQueen consort to Richard I of England
  • Berengaria of BarcelonaQueen consort of Alfonso VII of León and Castile
  • Berengaria of Castilebriefly queen of Castile and León
  • Berengaria of LeónEmpress consort of John of Brienne, Latin Emperor of Constantinople
  • Berengaria of PortugalQueen consort to Valdemar II of Denmark
  • Berengaria of CastileLady of Guadalajara

Berengaria in Pop Culture

  • Berengaria's Alarm1850 Pre,Raphaelite painting by Charles Allston Collins