French diminutive

Etty Origin and Meaning

The name Etty is a girl's name meaning "little".

Ettie or Etty works as a nickname for any name with a prominent "et" sound, usually at the end: think Henrietta, Juliette or Colette. The -ette ending is a French diminutive suffix.

Famous People Named Etty

  • Esther "Etty" HillesumDutch World War II diarist
  • Henrietta Emma "Etty" Darwindaughter of naturalist Charles Darwin
  • Etty Lau FarrellHong Kong,American TV personality ("Married to Rock"), singer for band Satellite Party; wife of Jane's Addiction frontman Perry Farrell
  • Etty FraserBrazilian actress
  • Etty TantriIndonesian badminton player
  • Estee "Etty" ShirazIsraeli,American entrepreneur
  • William EttyEnglish painter