Etain Origin and Meaning

The name Etain is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "jealousy".

The Etain (or more properly Étaín) of Irish mythology was a beautiful fairy turned into a fly (or in some versions, a butterfly), by a jealous queen. The insect Étaín fell into a glass of milk and was swallowed by yet another queen, then reborn as a beautiful maiden. Its pronunciation is similar to the number eighteen.

Etain in Pop Culture

  • Etain TurMukan, young Jedi Knight in the 'Star Wars: Republic Commando' book series by Karen Traviss
  • Etaincharacter in 'Elphame's choice' and 'Brighids Quest' (PC Cast)
  • Pronounced "AYteen"
  • Related names: AideenEadan, Éadaoin, Étaoin