Greek mythology name
"sea nymph, mermaid; red waterlily"

Nerine Origin and Meaning

The name Nerine is a girl's name of Greek origin.

A new brand of eyedrop.

Famous People Named Nerine

  • Nerine KiddAmerican actress/model, third wife of actor William Shatner
  • Nerine DesmondSouth African rtist

Nerine in Pop Culture

  • Nerinecharacter in manga/anime "Shuffle!"
  • Nerineflower sometimes referred to as the 'Naked Lady'
  • Nerine is also the name of a type of flowerincluding Nerine bowdenii, which is often called the Guernsey lily, Cape flower, or Japanese spider lily.
  • An alternative form of Nereis used in the Roman era by authors such as Virgil.