French from German
"famous in battle"

Clothilde Origin and Meaning

The name Clothilde is a girl's name meaning "famous in battle".

Pronounced klo-TEELD, this name is well used in France, but rarely heard here; it has a chic and sophisticated air.

Famous People Named Clothilde

  • Saint Clothilde (or Clotilde)wife of the Frankish king Clovis I

Clothilde in Pop Culture

  • Clothilde de Grapionscharacter in The Grandissimes: A Story of Creole Life (1880) by George Washington Cable; lives in seclusion with her mother (Aurora, a beautiful widow)
  • Clothilde Phillipscharacter in Doctor Phillips (1887) by Frank Danby (real name Julia Frankau); the title character's fat Jewish wife, murdered by him with opium
  • Clothildemaid character in Wes Anderson's "The Grand Budapest Hotel".