"foreign voice"

Xenophon Origin and Meaning

The name Xenophon is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "foreign voice".

This name of an ancient Greek historian sounds too long-ago and faraway to consider for a modern child.

Famous People Named Xenophon

  • Xenophon of Athensancient Greek philosopher, historian, soldier, mercenary, and student of Socrates
  • Xenophon of Ephesusancient Greek novelist
  • Xenophon Zolotasformer Prime Minister of Greece
  • Xenophon Pearce HuddyAmerican lawyer, specializing in automobile law
  • Xenophon Pierce WilfleyU.S. Senator from Missouri
  • Xenophon Overton PindallU.S. politician; former acting Governor of Arkansas
  • Xenophon Emmanuel KasdaglisGreek,Egyptian tennis player

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