Stewart Origin and Meaning

The name Stewart is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "steward".

This ancient royal Scottish name and its equally-correct spelling French variation Stuart had a brief vogue in midcentury America--it was Number 286 in 1955--dropped off the list completely in the nineties.

The Stuart version was introduced to Scotland by Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, who grew up in France. As a surname, it was an occupational appellation for someone who served as a steward in an aristocratic or royal household. Stewart and Stuart started being used as first names in the early nineteenth century. One current bearer is Stewart Copeland, best known as the drummer for the band the Police.

NIckname Stewie is not a plus--just think Stewie Griffin on Family Guy.

# 992 in the US

Stewart Rank in US Top 1000

Stewart Popularity

Famous People Named Stewart

  • Stewart Armstrong CopelandAmerican drummer of The Police
  • Stewart Granger (born James Lablache Stewart)English actor
  • Stewart Ernest CinkAmerican golfer
  • Stewart Lee UdallU.S. Congressman and Secretary of the Interior
  • Stewart Graham LeeEnglish comedian
  • Stewart BrandAmerican writer and editor of the Whole Earth Catalog
  • Stewart Edward "Stu" HartCanadian wrestler and father of Bret and Owen Hart
  • Stewart DowningEnglish footballer
  • (Daniel) Stewart Butterfield (born Dharma Jeremy Butterfield)Canadian founder of Flickr
  • Bonar Stewart BainAmerican actor, twin brother Conrad Bain
  • Patrick StewartEnglish actor
  • Stewart P. EvansBritish writer, best known for his work on Jack the Ripper, was a policeman
  • for many years in County of Suffolk in England

Stewart in Pop Culture

  • Stewart Gilligan "Stewie" Griffincharacter on TV's "Family Guy"
  • Stewart Swintoncharacter in movie "Wolf"
  • Stewart Adamscharacter on TV's "The Fosters"
  • Stewartlast name of Hannah Montana's family
  • Stewart RiversStarfleet Ensign, appeared in two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise, played by Seth MacFarlane,
  • see for more info