German surname or Hebrew
"landlord, farmer; bringer of light"

Meyer Origin and Meaning

The name Meyer is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "landlord, farmer; bringer of light".

Favored by first-generation Jewish families from the affluent Guggenheims to criminal-producing Lanskys; now Meyer is pretty much relegated to poolside gin games in Boca.

# 877 in the US

Meyer Rank in US Top 1000

Meyer Popularity

Famous People Named Meyer

  • Meyer Lansky (born Meier Suchowlański)American gangster
  • Meyer LondonAmerican socialist Congressman
  • (Wilhelm) Meyer LutzGerman,English composer
  • Dax Meyer Street Reeser (b. 2009)son of skier Picabo Street

Meyer in Pop Culture

  • Meyer lemonChinese lemon,orange hybrid
  • Meyer Wolfsheimcharacter in "The Great Gatsby"
  • Meyercharacter in Jenetta Penner's "Configured" series