Spelling variation of Cash, word and occupational name

Kash Origin and Meaning

The name Kash is a boy's name .

A modern spelling of an already modern sounding name, Kash is a spelling variant of the name Cash. Like Kairo, Karter, Karson, and Krew, that K initial gives it a very 21st century feel.

Kash can be considered an old occupational name, derived from the Latin capsa, meaning someone who makes boxes. It also, and perhaps more obviously, sounds just like the English word cash meaning money, giving it a slightly celebrity-name vibe, like Saint, Reign, and Sir.

In fact, the name Cash didn't enter the US Top 1000 until 2003, the year American musician Johnny Cash died. The Kash spelling followed it onto the charts in 2008, suggesting both names were originally celebrity-inspired.

Alternative origins for the name could be as a derivative of the Roman names, Cassius and Cassian, meaning "empty" or "hollow", or from the Hindi and Urdu name Kashmir or Kasmir, the name of an Indian subcontinent.

Until 2021, Cash was always the preferred spelling in the US, however in more recent years, Kash has ranked slightly higher. Given to over 1300 babies in the US each year, it fits in with a number of other 'ash' names currently in style.

# 261 in the US

Kash Rank in US Top 1000

Kash Popularity

Famous People Named Kash

  • Kash Kade Biermannson of reality star Kim Zolciak and football player Kroy Biermann
  • Kash Madison Taylor (b.2018)son of singer Willie from boyband Day 26

Kash in Pop Culture

  • Kid Kash (David Cash)MMA fighter and retired professional wrestler