"hill settlement"

Hilton Origin and Meaning

The name Hilton is a boy's name of English origin meaning "hill settlement".

Do you really want to name your baby after a hotel? Or a famous-for-being-famous starlet?

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Hilton Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Hilton

  • Hilton Julius ArmstrongAmerican basketball player
  • Hilton EdwardsAnglo,Irish actor
  • Hilton JeffersonAmerican saxophonist
  • Hilton McRaeScottish actor
  • Hilton RuizAmerican jazz pianist
  • Hilton KramerAmerican art critic
  • (Thomas) Hilton DawsonEnglish MP
  • Hilton Stewart Paterson ValentineEnglish guitarist of band The Animals
  • (Edward) Hilton Young1st Baron Kennet, British politician and writer.
  • Conrad Nicholson HiltonAmerican founder of Hilton Hotels

Hilton in Pop Culture

  • Hilton CollesiumIowa State University sporting venue