"little father"

Attila Origin and Meaning

The name Attila is a boy's name of Hungarian, Turkish origin meaning "little father".

Stun-gunned by the fifth-century Hun, though still well-used in contemporary Hungary and Turkey. Some sources also suggest Turkish origins for the name.

Attila Popularity

Famous People Named Attila

  • Attila the Hun
  • Tyger Attila Turrentine (b. 2011)son of actress Reagan Gomez,Preston and model DeWayne Turrentine
  • Attila "Atz" Kilcherreality TV star on "Alaska: The Last Frontier"; father of Jewel and Atz Lee

Attila in Pop Culture

  • AttilaAmerican Deathcore Band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 2005
  • Attila Reespolice constable in Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas
  • AttilaOz's pet chimp in the James Patterson novel "Zoo"