ASH-win, ASH-vin
"ash friend"

Ashwin Origin and Meaning

The name Ashwin is a boy's name meaning "ash friend".

A cultural crossover with multiple roots. Ashwin is an English surname from the Anglo-Saxon male name Æscwine, meaning "ash tree + friend". It's also a popular Hindi name: in Hindu mythology, the Ashvins or Ashwini are twin Hindu gods of the sunrise and sunset. Either way, it has a soft, strong sound and great nickname potential in Ash or Win

Ashwin Popularity

Famous People Named Ashwin

  • (Michael) Ashwin Satyandre Adhin8th Vice President of Suriname
  • Ashwin SanghiIndian novelist
  • Ashwin Kumar BatishIndian sitar player
  • Ashwin SoodBritish,Canadian drummer; ex,husband singer Sarah McLachlan