B List - Girls

These names we either like (but not loove) or reeeally like (but have reservations over nicknames, pronunciation, etc) - Created by LynnG

  • Caroline

    Probably out because you can't control whether ppl say [ca-ro-LINE] or [ca-ro-LIHN]. Neither of us love the shortening of Carol.

  • Charlotte

    What would be the nickname, Charlie? A peeve would be the American butchering of this name, saying

  • Chelsea

    Meh. The nn of Chels is fine w me. Husb: slightly ekh.

  • Claire

    Name has grown on me, but better as a middle bc our last name is a color.

  • Evelyn

  • Josephine

    Husband isn't feeling the name. He just suggested the nickname Josie, which is to,me is the opposite for my attraction to the name Josephine. Inspiration: assertive, passionate, and tomboyish sister in Little Women. Not misprounced, which is rare for foreign names in the US. That said, I do not love Joey as a nickname. Jo is okay I guess?

  • Lavinia

    Husb, sounding disgusted, said, reeeaally old sounding

  • Lydia

    Husb likes despite old-sounding

  • Penelope

    Has that classic and French flare that I like but feels independent and strong willed vs frilly and supersilious. That said, I don't like the nickname Penny. Husband says is weird but interesting.

  • Sibyl

  • Sibylle

  • Sybil

    Husb: makes me think of downtown abbey... And journalists for some reason. Sounds like a tough businesswoman