2 of All the Letters: Anna, Emmett and Vivienne

Names that have 2 of all the letters inside the name. It can be a subtle way of signifying a second chance. - Created by Vana

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  • Abba

    Hebrew "father"

  • Aleela

    African-Chiyao variant transcription of Alile, "one who weeps"

  • Alla

    (AHL-lah - Russian) a unisex name am multiple origins (including Russian, Scandinavian, Hebrew and Arabic) one possible origin was that it was used as a diminutive of names starting with Al-

  • Amma

    Akan "born of Saturday", Hindi "mother", Old Swedish "wet nurse", Old Norse "grandmother" or Old Norse "dark one"

  • Anna

    Hebrew "favour" or "grace"

  • Annaelle

    Variation of Anaelle

  • Alilia

    Variation of Lillia or Alila

  • Allatt

    A surname of Anglo-Saxon origin meaning "noble combat" or "noble great"

  • Aloola

    Variation of Alula, "first leap"

  • Anan

    (AY-nan) Hebrew "cloud" (male), Akan "fourth born child" (unisex)

  • Annatt

    A surname from Agnes, "pure or sacred"

  • Assa

    Icelandic/Norwegian/Swedish form of Asa, "goddess"

  • Azazelle

    Feminine form of Azazel, "scapegoat"

  • Barbra

    Variation of Barbara, "foreigner"

  • Bibianna

    Polish form of Viviana, "alive"

  • Bibienne

    French form of Viviana, "alive"

  • Ebbe

    (EH-beh) diminutive of Eberhard, Esben

  • Elle

    Diminutive of Eleanor and other names beginning with El. Also a French pronoun meaning "she".

  • Emme

    Diminutive of Emma, Emmeline and other Em names.

  • Emmett

    (EM-it) English surname from Emma, "whole, universal"

  • Ebbett

    An Medieval English surname from a diminutive of Elizabeth/Isabel

  • Elleanna

    Variantion of Eliana or Elle + Anna

  • Ellett

    A surname form a diminutive of Ellen

  • Enne

    Form of Enna, which is a either feminine form of Enno, Germanic "eagle sword" or a Frisian form of Anna.

  • Errett

    An Anglo-Scottish surname of multiple possible origins

  • Hannah

    Hebrew "favour" or "grace"

  • Illianna

    Variation of Iliana, "from Ilium or Troy"

  • Isis

    (IE-sis) Greek form of an Egyptian goddess's name, possibly meaning "the throne"

  • Ibbitt

    A surname either for Ibb, a diminutive of Isabel, or Hibbs

  • Ikki

    Japanese "tree"

  • Ilalia

    Variation of Lalia

  • Immi

    Diminutive of Imogen, "maiden"

  • Lili

    Diminutives of Elisabeth, Karolina and Júlia or from the German word for lily.

  • Lilianna

    Variation of Liliana, a form of Lilian, originally a diminutive of Elizabeth, or an elaboration of Lily.

  • Lolo

    Diminutive of Caroline, Louise etc

  • Lilaia

    (lih-LIE-ah) Greek "longing for"

  • Marram

    Nature name

  • Noon

    Word name

  • Nene

    (nay-nay) a bird name

  • Nosson

    Yiddish form of Nathan, "give, given"

  • Otto

    Late German "wealth, fortune"

  • Oddo

    Italian form of Otto, "wealth, fortune"

  • Oenone

    Greek "wine". A nymph from Greek mythology.

  • Rekker

    Spelling variation of Wrecker

  • Renner

    A surname of multiple origins one being an occupational name for a messenger or courier

  • Savvas

    (SAHV-vahs) From Hebrew "old man"

  • Vivianna

    Variation of Viviana, "alive"

  • Vivienne

    French form of Viviana, "alive"

  • Viviette

    French diminutive form of Viviana, "alive", now used on it own

  • Wasswa

    Luganda "first of twins" (male)

  • Wiwianna

    Polish form of Viviana, "alive"

  • Zaza

    Biblical "Movement; or Brightness, Fulness"

  • Áppá

    Sami form of Aapo, originally a contracted form of several different names including: Abraham, Aaron, Abel, Arne and Amos.