Rose Names

The difficulty with rose names is that Rose technically has three meanings: rose the flower, rose from the Germanic hros meaning horse from which we get the names like Rosamund and where the name rose on its own comes from hrod meaning famous. Some of these I couldn't find the meaning of so had to guess from that. I got a lot of my names from Behind the Name and a really cool blog post from Roses and Cellar Doors. i did not rose names that were the same but for one letter Rosette/Rosetta, Rosalind/Rosalinda. You can change a to e or vice versa on some of these names. - Created by hollyannabell

  • Evrose

    Invented, combo of Eve+Rose?

  • Penrose

  • Primrose

    first rose

  • Rosa


  • Rosalba

    white rose

  • Rosalia

    elaborate rose

  • Rosalie

    elaborate rose

  • Rosalina

    beautiful rose /horse soft

  • Rosalind

    beautiful rose/ horse soft

  • Rosalyn

    Horse soft/ Rose+Lyn.

  • Rosamund

    horse protection/ rose of the world

  • Rosanna

    rose grace Rose+Anna

  • Rosaria


  • Roselita

    Spanish rose

  • Rosella

    elaborate rose

  • Rosellen

    bright shining rose

  • Rosemary


  • Rosetta

    elaborate rose

  • Rosheen

    irish rose

  • Rosina

  • Rosine

    French Rose. Also substance used to lubricate strings bows

  • Rosy


  • Roza

  • Rosabel

    beautiful rose

  • Rosalva

    white rose

  • Rosamel

    Rose honey

  • Rosaura

    golden rose

  • Roselore

    Rose + Elenore

  • Rosenda

    famous path

  • Rosilda

    horse battle

  • Rosista

    little rose

  • Roswitha

    famous strength

  • Rozenn

    breton rose

  • Rósinkara

    tub of roses

  • Rósny

    new rose

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