West African(ghana/Akan) names

When it comes to african names... many only touch the surface with Muslim names; like fatima.. and what not.... when there's so much more , to the point I feel there should be a distinction between muslim names and traditional west african Ghanaian/akan names.. Both are beautiful, I just don't like that one overshadows the other.. Anywho, without further or do, I give you...ghana/akan names ^^ (under construction; I have alot of names to add ^^) - Created by beebetree

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  • Abena


  • Ade

    (odd-AY) The pinnacle,peak

  • Afia

    ♀(AH-fee-yah) born on Friday

  • Abebi

    (uh-beh-bee or "a baby" ^^ lol asked for girl child

  • Adanna

  • Adeola

    ♀(ah-DAY-hola) ^^

  • Adjoa


  • Afafa

    ♀(ah-FAH-fah ) first child of second husband

  • Afi

  • Afifa

    (uh-fee-fah) spiritual, holy

  • Afryea

    ♀(ah-FRY-yah ) Meaning: born during good times

  • Afua

    (uh-foo-ah) Mercy

  • Agyei

    (uhg-JAY-ee) messenger from God

  • Ajayi


  • Akanni

    our encounter brings poss

  • Akosua

    ♀Means "born on Sunday" in Akan. ( uh-KOH-sue-UH)

  • Akua

    ♀born on Wednesday (ah-KOO-ah)* also heard it pronunced (uh-KWEE-uh)

  • Ameyo

  • Aminata

  • Anelisa

    you must satisfy

  • Ayawa

  • Ayoola


  • Chimika

  • Chioma

    God is good

  • Ekua

  • Essien

  • Eze

    (eh-ZAY) king

  • Fayola


  • Gyasi


  • Ige

    (E-jeh) sounds similar to the nickname E.J ^^

  • Jabari

  • Jelani

  • Jadesola

    ♀(jah-day' SOLE-uh)

  • Kissa

  • Kwame

  • Kairu


  • Kayin

    (KIGH-yeen) celebrated child

  • Kwesi

  • Mbhali


  • Najja


  • Ndila


  • Nehanda

  • Nnena


  • Nnzinga

  • Nsia

    ♀(nuh-SEE-uh) "sixth born child"

  • Ojore


  • Okorie

  • Omolara

    ♀(oh-MOE-lar-uh) a child is family

  • Osei


  • Sia

  • Taiwo


  • Thabani

  • Thabisa


  • Thema


  • Thobeka


  • Tinashe


  • Tse


  • Zakhele


  • chiamaka

    God is noble; or, the spirit knows.

  • kwabena

  • kwadwo

  • kwasi

  • uchenna

    ♀ou in y(ou) (ou-CHIN-uh)

  • ♀Kibibi

    (key-bee-bee) little lady * my favorite name b/c of the meaning.. it reminds me of chibiusa..and it sounds cute^^*

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