Greek names(modern)

These are legitimate, greek names I gleaned from greek athletes and models that are mainly female names.
  1. Angeliki
    • Athina
      • Aikaterini
        • Diantha
          • Origin:

          • Meaning:

            "divine flower"
          • Description:

            Diantha, a mythological flower of the supreme Greek god Zeus, is a melodious and more unusual cousin of Diana, heard most often in The Netherlands.
        • Dimitra
          • Despina
            • Despoina
              • Doika
                • Eleni
                  • Origin:

                    Greek variation of Helen
                  • Description:

                    A common choice in Greece, Eleni is starting to rise in the US thanks to its bouncy rhythm and trendy I ending.
                • Elefteria
                  • Eleutheria
                    • Elevtheria
                      • Evaggelia
                        • Ismini/ Ismene
                          • Klelia
                            • Kristel/Krystel
                              • Krysanthi
                                • Kyriazi
                                  • Leonida
                                    • Origin:

                                      Italian variation of Leonidas
                                    • Description:

                                      Leonida is the modern Italian form of the name of the ancient Spartan king. Though names that end in a or the a sound are usually feminine, there are several examples popular in recent years -- Luca, Joshua, Noah -- that make this more plausible for a boy.
                                  • Maroula