Baby Boy Names

Classic names for Charlotte's little brother. Middle name will be Eugene. - Created by mommareagon

  • Abner

    Abner Eugene: "father of light" (commander of Saul's army)

  • Albert

    Alby, Albert Eugene: "noble, bright" #436

  • Arlo

    Arlo Eugene

  • Arthur

    Arthur Eugene: "bear" #306

  • August

    Auggie, August Eugene: "majestic, venerable" #242 in 2014

  • Bartholomew

    Theo, Bartholomew Eugene: "son of the furrow" also apostle's name

  • Benjamin

    Benji, Benjamin Eugene: "son of the right hand" also biblical name, youngest of 12 tribes, and Spock's first name #12 in 2014

  • Carlisle

    Lyle, Carlisle Eugene: "from the wall city"

  • Cedric

    Cedric Eugene: "bounty" #785

  • Cornelius

    Nels, Cornelius Eugene: "horn"

  • Edmond

    Edmond Eugene: "wealthy protector" #1424 NB

  • Henry

    Henry Eugene: "estate ruler" #33 in 2014

  • Matthew

    Theo, Matthew Eugene: "gift of God" #16 in 2014

  • Moses

    Mo, Moe, Moses Eugene: "delivered from the water" #487

  • Obadiah

    Obi, Obadiah Eugene (T would call him Obi Wan Kanobi): "servant of God"

  • Oswald

    Waldo, Oswald Eugene: "divine power"

  • Thomas

    Thomas Eugene: "twin"

  • Walter

    Wally, Walter Eugene: "army ruler" #337 in 2014

  • Watson

    Watson Eugene: "powerful warrior" #616 NB

  • Wilfred

    Wilfred Eugene: "desires peace" #961 NB

  • Willoughby

    Will, Bee, Wills, Willoughby Eugene: "farm near the willows"