Bird Names

Like Wren, Lark and Sparrow. Including over-the-top and completely normal names. - Created by Vana

  • Ani

    Tree dwelling birds. A possible nickname for Angela, Andrea or Ana.

  • Argus

    A large long-tailed pheasant. An unusual way to Gus.

  • Albatross

    A large Oceanic bird. A possible full name for Albie.

  • Anhinga

    Another name for darter. Similar Annika, Angela

  • Apalis

    A small passerine birds. Not far off Alice or Dallas.

  • Aracari

    Medium sized toucans. Possible nicknames could be Ara, Ari, Cari or Cara.

  • Avocet

    Wetland birds. An interesting alternative to popular Av- names Ava and Avery.

  • Bird

    Not often used as a name.

  • Birdie

    Usually a nickname.

  • Brant

    As in a brant goose. Fairly normal but not over popular name.

  • Barbet

    A stout-billed tropical bird. Similar to Barbara.

  • Baza

    (BAH-za) A bird of prey. Similar to Bazza, a nickname for Barry.

  • Becard

    Tropical American bird. Could be an interesting way to the the nickname Beck.

  • Bellbird

    A tropical American bird. Reminds me of Bluebell.

  • Besra

    A bird of prey. A good possible full name for Bess

  • Blackbird

    A bit over the top.

  • Bluebird

    Similar to Bluebell

  • Bluejay

    A tree dwelling bird. Blue and Jay are both used as names, Bluejay is only one step away.

  • Bobolink

    A small songbird. An unusual way to the nicknames Bo, Bob or Link.

  • Brahminy

    (BRAH-min-ee) The Brahminy Kite is a bird of prey and scavenger native to Australasia and Asia

  • Brambling

    A small passerine bird. A cool way to the nicknames Bing and Bram.

  • Branta

    The genus of the brant goose. Could work as a female alternative to Brant.

  • Bulbul

    A tropical songbird

  • Canary

    A mainly African Finch. Similar to Cana, Avery, Emery

  • Chick

    A young bird. More of a nickname than a full name.

  • Corella

    A white Australasian Cockatoo. Fits in with all the Cor- and -Ella names.

  • Crane

    Fits right in with Kane, Lane, Rain and Jane.

  • Crow

    Rhymes with Beau, Poh, Joe etc. Very similar to Crew. Could work quite well as a name.

  • Capercaillie

    A bird the size of a turkey. An interesting alternative to Kayleigh.

  • Caracara

    A bird of prey. Double the Cara.

  • Cardinal

    A passerine bird. There is also a catholic meaning.

  • Chickadee

    A North American bird. Possible nicknames include Deedee, Dee, Addie, Kaddie.

  • Condor

    A type of vulture. Only one letter away from Connor.

  • Coquette

    A Creasted hummingbird. Also refers to a flirtatious woman.

  • Cormorant

    Medium to large seabirds. Possible nicknames include: Corey, Mo, Ant.

  • Crake

    An Australian bird. Fits in with Jake, Blake and Drake.

  • Curlew

    World-wide bird. Possible nicknames include: Lew, Lewie, Rew, Clew, Cur

  • Dove

    A type of pigeon. A symbol of peace. A popular brand.

  • Drake

    A male duck. Fits in with Jake and Blake.

  • Darter

    American water bird. Fits right in with Carter and Harper.

  • Drongo

    A songbird. If Banjo and Indigo are used as names, Drongo might work.

  • Duck

    If Tuck could be a name, surely Duck could work too.

  • Dunlin

    A small wader. Similar to Duncan, Declan and Devlin.

  • Dunnock

    A small passerine. Nocks could be a nickname.

  • Eagle

    A large bird of prey. Not for people going for subtly.

  • Egret

    A whit heron. Similar to Greta, Gretchen, Everett, Margaret, Rhett

  • Eider

    A northern sea duck. Similar to Ida and Ryder.

  • Elaenia

    A genus of passerine birds. Similar to Elaine, Elaina, Elena, Eleanora

  • Erne

    A literary word for the sea eagle. Could be a nickname for Ernest, Ernst

  • Euphonia

    A genus of tanagers. A name from Greek "well sounding"

  • Falcon

    A diurnal bird of prey. Similar to Malcolm.

  • Finch

    A seed eating songbird. Only one step away from Finn.

  • Falco

    The genus of Falcon. Also a German name meaning "falcon".

  • Fauvette

    An archaic word for several small songbirds. Looks like just another -ette name.

  • Flamingo

    A wading bird. Fun, familiar and probably not the most namey.

  • Fulvetta

    A songbird genus. Looks like just another -etta name.

  • Gannet

    A large seabird. Similar to Janet.

  • Gull

    A long winged seabird. Similar to Gil.

  • Garganey

    A small Eurasian duck. Possible nicknames Garry, Gaz, Annie

  • Goldcrest

    A very small passerine bird. A possible full name for Gold or Goldie

  • Halcyon

    (HAL-see-uhn) Halcyon is the Latin name for the Tree Kingfishers, a large genus of birds found in Africa, Asia and Australasia, with Australasia having the most species

  • Hawk

    A diurnal bird of prey. Hawkin can also be used as a name.

  • Heron

    A large fish-eating wading bird. Also a Greek name meaning "hero"

  • Harrier

    A type of hawk. An interesting alternative to Harry, Harrison and Harold

  • Hen

    A female chicken. Can be short for Henrietta, Henna etc.

  • Hillstar

    A hummingbird. A way to nicknames Hill or Star.

  • Hummingbird

    Definitely not subtle

  • Ibon

    Cinnamon ibon is a species of bird.

  • Irena

    (ee-RE-nah or ee-RAY-nah) A genus of birds. As a name it is the Latinate form of Irene, "peace"

  • Ibis

    A large wading bird. Only one letter away from Iris and Isis.

  • Iora

    (IE-or-uh) a small Asian songbird. Fits in with Cora, Liora, Lora and Dora.

  • Jay

    A type of crow. A short, sweet, normal name.

  • Jery

    A Madagascan bird. The bird spelling of Jerry/Gerry

  • Jacamar

    A bird of tropical American forests. Possible nicknames: Jack, Jacky, Cam, Cammy, Mari

  • Jacana

    A tropical bird. Fits in with all the -ana names.

  • Jackdaw

    a small grey-headed crow. Jack plus more.

  • Jaeger

    Any of several Arctic and Boreal sea birds. Similar to Jagger.

  • Junco

    A North American songbird. Similar to Juno, Jacko, Coco

  • Kea

    A New Zealand mountain parrot. Kia can also be used as a name.

  • Kestrel

    A small falcon. Similar to Crystal, Kester

  • Kingfisher

    A brightly coloured bird. Similar to Kingsley and Kingston

  • Kinglet

    A small bird. An interesting alternative to King.

  • Kiskadee

    A passerine bird. Nickname possibilities: Kizzy, Dee, Deedee, Kick, Kiki, Kaddie

  • Kite

    A long winged bird of prey. Similar to Kai, Cade

  • Koel

    An Asian and Australasian cuckoo. Similar to Cole.

  • Lalage

    (LAL-a-gee, LA-la-ghee) Lalage is the scientific name for the Trillers, native to Asia and Australasia; they are small birds, usually coloured black, white and grey

  • Lark

    A small songbird. Similar to Clark, Mark, Larkin.

  • Linnet

    A small passerine bird. Similar to Lynnette, Bennett, Linden

  • Leiothrix

    An Asian bird. A cool ending in X possibility

  • Leonardina

    A genus of birds. Looks like a feminine form of Leonard.

  • Longspur

    A mainly Canadian songbird. Possible nicknames: Lo, Lonnie, Lon, Luri

  • Loon

    Aquatic birds. Maybe a bit looney.

  • Lory

    A type of parrot. The bird alternative to Laurie.

  • Malia

    A passerine bird. Also an Hawaiian name.

  • Martin

    A swift-flying songbird. As a name if is from Latin "man"

  • Mavis

    Another name for thrush bird. An old fashioned girls name.

  • Merle

    A blackbird. Sounds a bit dated to me, but would be a completely usable choice for anyone who loves it.

  • Merlin

    A small dark Falcon. More strongly associated with a wizard.

  • Myna

    A bird in the starling family. Similar to Maya, Mina and Myra.

  • Macaw

    A large long-tailed parrot. Mac- names are popular at the moment.

  • Magpie

    A long-tailed crow. Similar to Maggie and Malachi

  • Maleo

    A large bird. Mal plus Leo

  • Malkoha

    A long tailed cuckoo. Nickname possibilities: Mal, Koa, Mak

  • Mallard

    A type of duck. Malcolm meets Edward.

  • Meadowlark

    A grassland bird. For those who cannot choose between Meadow and Lark.

  • Merganser

    A type of duck. Nickname poSsibilities: Merry, Meg, Anse, Marge, Megan

  • Mesia

    An Asian bird. Way better than Messiah in my opinion.

  • Myzomela

    A genus of birds. Nickname possibilities: Mya, Zo, Zoa, Mela, Mel

  • Nene

    (naynay) Another term for Hawaiian goose. Fits right in with Coco, Bibi and Lulu.

  • Nighthawk

    A nocturnal bird. A little over the top.

  • Nightingale

    A small migatory thrush. A big name.

  • Oriole

    Brightly coloured passerine birds. Similar to Ariel, Orion, Oro, Ollie

  • Osprey

    A fish-eating bird of prey. Nickname possibilities: Oz, Ozzie, Ossie, Ree

  • Owl

    A short word with an unusual sound.

  • Peregrine

    A powerful falcon. Also a Late Latin name meaning "traveller, wanderer"

  • Phoebe

    (FEE-bee) An American tyrant flycatcher. A Greek name meaning "bright, pure"

  • Phoenix

    (FEE-niks) A mythological bird. Rising in popularity.

  • Parrot

    (PA-rot) Possible nicknames: Pat, Patty, Parry

  • Partridge

    A short-tailed game bird. Nickname possibilities: Ridge, Pat, Pattie, Tridge

  • Petrel

    A seabird. Reminds me of petrol.

  • Phaethon

    A genus of birds. Also a name from Greek mythology meaning "shining one"

  • Pipit

    (PIP-it) a mainly ground dwelling songbird. Similar to Pippa, Philip, Philippa, Pip

  • Plover

    A short billed gregarious wading bird. Similar to Clover.

  • Prinia

    A genus of small birds. Similar to Priya, Nia, Linnea, Rina, Perrin

  • Ptarmigan

    (tar-mih-gan) large Arctic and subarctic grouse. Would fit right in with Morgan, Megan, Tegen and Finnegan.

  • Quail

    A ground dwelling bird. Would fit right in with Cale, Dale and Gail.

  • Quetzal

    A bird in trogon family. It's hard to find a name with both Q and Z in it.

  • Raven

    A large crow. Fits right in with Kevin, Haven, Gavin, Heaven and Steven.

  • Rhea

    (ree-uh) A large flightless. Also a Greek name meaning "to flow" or "ground"

  • Robin

    A small bird. A traditional nickname for Robert, that became popular as a name by itself, Robyn is a popular spelling for girls.

  • Roc

    A gigantic mythological bird. The bird alternative to Rock.

  • Rosella

    An Australian parakeet. Also an Italian diminutive of Rosa.

  • Rainbird

    The Rainbird is the colloquial name for the Pacific Koel

  • Redwing

    A red winged bird. Similar to Edwin.

  • Rook

    A gregarious Eurasian crow. Similar to Luke, Rue, Rock, Rick.

  • Rosefinch

    An Asian finch. Rose plus Finch

  • Seagull

    A little over the top.

  • Sora

    A small waterbird. Fits right in with Cora, Dora, Lora and Flora.

  • Sparrow

    A small finch-like bird. Similar to Arrow, Farrow, Caro

  • Starling

    A gregarious passerine songbird. Similar to Starla, Arlene

  • Swan

    A large waterbird. Rhymes with John, Ron, Con and Don.

  • Sylvia

    A genus of birds. As a name it is from Latin "wood, forest"

  • Sanderling

    A small sandpiper. Nickname possibilities: Sandy, Sand, Sander, Derl, Ling

  • Sandpiper

    (sand-pie-per) A wading bird. Piper plus Sandy.

  • Shama

    (shah-muh) A long tailed forest thrush. Similar to Shana.

  • Sibia

    An Asian songbird. Similar to Celia.

  • Siskin

    A small songbird. Similar to Saskia, Larkin, Cisca, Cecily.

  • Sittella

    A small Australasian songbird. An interesting -Ella possibility.

  • Skylark

    A small passerine bird. Only one letter away from Skylar.

  • Somateria

    The genus of eider.

  • Sparrowhawk

    A bird of prey. For those who cannot choose between sparrow and hawk

  • Suiriri

    A genus of birds. An interesting alternative to Siri and Suri.

  • Sunbird

    A small brightly coloured songbird. Similar to Sunday.

  • Swift

    A small bird resembling a swallow. The bird is not my first association with the word.

  • Teal

    A small freshwater duck. Also a colour.

  • Tesia

    A genus of birds. As a name could be a variant of Teresa.

  • Tachuri

    a small bird.

  • Tanager

    (tan-uh-jer) A small American bird. Possible nicknames: Tan, Tanna, Taj, Gerry

  • Tercel

    The male of a hawk. Terry meets Hansel.

  • Tern

    A seabird relating to gulls. Similar to Ren, Burn, Fern

  • Tinamou

    A ground-dwelling tropical American bird. Tina plus.

  • Tityra

    A passerine bird. The bird alternative to Tyra.

  • Tody

    A small Carribean bird. Similar to Cody.

  • Trogon

    A bird of tropical American forests. Fits in with the 2 syllables endin in N pattern.

  • Turca

    A passerine bird.

  • Vireo

    A small American songbird. Nickname possibilities: Vero, Reo, Ro, Vio

  • Veery

    A North American woodland thrush. Similar to Vera and Miri

  • Weaver

    A finch-like bird. Also an occupational name.

  • Whistler

    A songbird. Also someone who whistles.

  • Wren

    A small short winged songbird. Sounds exactly the same as the Japanese male name Ren.

  • Warbler

    A small songbird. Fits in with Walter, Harper, Harbour etc.

  • Whimbrel

    A small migatory songbird. A whimsy choice.

  • Willet

    (wil-it) A large North American sandpiper. An interesting Wil- name.

  • Yuhina

    A genus of birds. An interesting ending in -ina possibility.

  • Ziz

    A giant griffin-like bird from Jewish mythology. For Z lovers.

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