Element Names - Water

- Created by MarissaMichelle

  • Anahita

    Persian: "a river and water goddess"

  • Calder

    English: "rocky water"

  • Coral

    word name

  • Deanna

    "ocean lover"


    Turkish: "sea, waves"

  • Douglas

    Scottish: "black water"

  • Dylan

    Welsh: "son of the sea"

  • Firth

    Scottish: "estuary or arm of the sea"

  • Kai

    Hawaiian: "sea"

  • Kano

    Japanese: "god of the waters"

  • Kenn

    Welsh: "bright water"

  • Marina

    Latin: "from the sea"

  • Maris

    Latin: "of the sea"

  • Maya

    Hebrew: "water"

  • Merial

    "of the bright sea"

  • Moana

    "deep ocean"

  • Moishe

    Yiddish variation of Moses: "drawn from the water"

  • Moses

    Egyption: "drawn from the water"

  • Nahla

    Arabic: "a drink of water"

  • Nerissa

    "from the sea"

  • Nixie

    German: "water nymph"

  • Oceana

    Greek: Ocean

  • Oceanus

    the Titan in ancient Greek mythology who rules water

  • Rayan

    Arabic: "land that is lush and rich in water"

  • River

    nature word name

  • Tallulah

    Irish: "leaping water"

  • Varan

    Hindi: "water god"

  • Yareli

    Native American: "water lady"