Bird Names with Pizzazz

Bird Names I'm considering to honor my hubby Jay :) - Created by GuinevereRose

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  • Dove

    Another middle name option. Lov it paired with Josephine. Josephine Dove nn Jay/Josie Bird

  • Eagle

    Alright it's cheesy but Thomas Eagle? :)

  • Hawk

    Probably too out there but LOVE Hawkeye Pierce too. Douglas Hawk would be kick ass

  • Lark

    Middle name option for a future girl. Love Genevieve Lark

  • Mavis

    Not sold on this name yet but Margaret Mavis nn Maggie Mae is cute

  • Phoebe

    Loving the subtlety of this one! Margaret Phoebe would be quite nice.

  • Sparrow

    Not sure I like this one but Margaret Sparrow is intriguing

  • Starling

    Guinevere Starling nn Winnie Star is pretty fantastic in my book. Probably a bit too bold to ever use though

  • Swan

    Margaret Swan would be gorgeous. Worried maybe its too much. Has teasing potential?

  • Teal

    I would probably lan towards girl for this name but it could work for a boy too. Josephine Teal is quite sophisticated

  • Tern

    Probably too clunky to actually use. Something like Abram Tern is interesting though