Tribal Names

Fresh new names with a lovely tribal twist to them. - Created by RuinXV

  • Aura


  • Braska

    Spunky enough for a girl or a boy.

  • Bresha

    Soft sounding, makes me think of a lake.

  • Cloud

    Lovely lofty sounding name, just make sure he comes down from the stratosphere from time to time.

  • Dracus

    Scales are tipping in favour of this scaly name. Be wary of fire breathers though.

  • Eagle

    Not as lofty as it once was. Definitely gives you wings.

  • Enya

    Celtics roots, everything is dainty with this natury name.

  • Gaia

    This girl is probably going to mean the world to you if you call her this.

  • Genka

    You're ok with another K-name?

  • Hawk

    This name will swoop down and steal your heart.

  • Hart

    The Majestical White Hart is a legendary deer in English history

  • Maki

    Short but spunky for a similar child.

  • Makira

    Modern enough for a bouncy little girl. Female variation of Maki.

  • Navarre


  • Navi

    V's are rather popular these days.

  • Nanaki

    K's are rather popular as well.

  • Rassa

    I don't have a witty comment for this name, but it's unisex.

  • Shafira

    African origin, sparkly.

  • Silver

    Silver was a core material for making jewellery in American Indian tribes. Scintillating to say the least.

  • Sandara

    Scorching as the Giza pyramids, minus the sand.

  • Shiva

    Hindu legend's God of destruction and rebirth.

  • Talon

    Not as clawing a name as one might think.

  • Tanaquil

    Hopefully she won't be a prickly child.

  • Terra

    Why not use this name for a boy? It's unisex.

  • Thunder

    I hope this child isn't loud. Be careful of his temper tantrums.

  • Tsulu

    The traditional African touch with the 'Ts' start.

  • Ursa

    Not as bar-bear-ic as the name might imply.

  • Vora

    Comes from the Hebrew word for dawn, Zora. Hopefully this girl will be pretty as the sunrise.

  • Wolf

    Really packs a bite, this name.

  • Yora

    Japanese roots to 'Yoru' meaning night. Hopefully she'll be a bright child.

  • Zorani

    Z-names are coming back. Why not do it in style.