Family Tree Names - Male

My Dear Mum is a genealogy pro. Here are some interesting names from our past.
  1. Asahel
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "created by God"
    • Description:

      A biblical character who was one of David's most valiant warriors and was known for being fast. But in the modern English-speaking world, this name may be too close to an insulting anatomical word.
  2. Almadion
    • Alney
      • Anenwin
        • Angisel
          • Antenor
            • Asenath
              • Ashbel
                • Benajah
                  • Origin:

                    Hebrew, 'god has built"
                  • Description:

                    Benajah, the name of several minor Old Testament figures, is also written as Benaiah. Benajah might make a great Benjamin update or name for the son of a builder or architect.
                • Blaney
                  • Bodilon
                    • Bygod
                      • Churchwell
                        • Dusty
                          • Dagobert
                            • Eliphalet
                              • Origin:

                              • Meaning:

                                "God has judged"
                              • Description:

                                A bit too elephantine for a modern child.
                            • Elphlet
                              • Ethelred
                                • Ezbon
                                  • Ferither