Baby Boy Names

These are some of the names I have chosen for my little boy, due in September. I want to LOVE the name we give him. The hiccup is, his dad and I don't agree on names. - Created by BrandNewMommyFTW

  • Andre

    Means Man

  • Asher

    Means Blessed, Happy

  • Bradley

    Originally decided we would use this as his middle name since it is his dad's first name. Now, I'm not in love with it but it does mesh well with some of the other names. Means Wide Meadow

  • Brooks

    Means from the Brook

  • Devon

    Means Poet

  • Elijah

    Eli for short. Means Uplifted

  • Emmett

    Means Entire

  • Knox

    One of my favs! Means Leader.

  • Mac

    Not a fan of this name but his dad loves it. I think it should be vetoed since I dont like it one bit. Means Son

  • Miles

    Our last name is West. Are they horrible together? Means Soldier

  • Theo

    This is a family name. Most of my friends have made fun of it, but it think it's cute. Means Devine Gift.

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