2014 NBA Slam Dunk Names for Boys

While obviously obsessed with baby names, I have a deep love of basketball as well, both college and pro. I always seem to notice interesting and new names of players each year during NBA playoffs, when I tend to watch more games than usual. The NBA has players from all over the U.S. and many from Europe, Africa, and South America, and the names reflect this diversity, from classic American southern names to exotic Slavic choices. I collected first and last names from 2013-2014 rosters of NBA teams and included some familiar names and choices that might work for boys today (possibly girls too!), - Created by MissyTee29

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  • Amare

    Amar'e Stoudemire has experimented with different placement of the apostrophe but it seems fine without.

  • Andrea

    Could this Italian import be the next Luca for American boys?

  • Arron

  • Avery

    Avery has gone to the girls for years but is still charming for boys.

  • Beno

    Introduced via Slovenian player Beno Udrih.

  • Blake

  • Brook

    Brook Lopez and his twin brother Robin have brought masculine energy to these classic girls' names.

  • Carlos

  • Carmelo

    This Italian grandfather name has been resurrected by Carmelo Anthony and includes the adorably hip nickname of Melo.

  • Chandler

  • Chauncey

  • Conley

  • Collison

    A new -son surname name, possible update for Colin

  • Danilo

  • Delfino

    From Carlos Delfino, Argentine-Italian player

  • Deron

    Pronounced DARE-in by the Brooklyn Net

  • Doron

    Popular in Israel, this can be pronounced Dor-OWN or Duh-RON

  • Duncan

  • Durant

    If you want to honor #35, choose Durant over the plain Kevin

  • Draymond

  • Francisco

  • Garnett

  • Griffin

  • Iman


  • Joakim

    Chicago Bull Joakim Noah has raised the profile on this "exotic lite" name

  • Jonas

  • Jameer

  • Jannero

  • Jimmer

    While his real first name is James, Jimmer Fredette has introduced a new and jaunty spin on Jimmy

  • Kendrick

  • Kenyon

  • Kyrie

    The 2011 # 1 draft pick Kyrie Irving introduced this cheery invented name

  • Kemba

    With its "a" ending, it could also be considered for a girl

  • Larkin

  • Leandro

    A step beyond Leo

  • Lavoy

  • Manu

    Argentine star Manu Ginobili was born Emanuel, but it makes a fine name on its own

  • Marcin

    The Polish form of Martin, a nice name to honor Polish heritage

  • Monta

    Pronounced MON-TAY by Monta Ellis

  • Nando

    A nickname for or shorter option of Fernando

  • Nash

  • Nikola

    A Slavic classic, this name would sound worldly here

  • Omer

    Houston Rockets' Omer Asik hails from Turkey but this name is also heard in Israel as well.

  • Omri

    Omri Casspi is the first Israeli player in the NBA and this spirited name is found in the Hebrew bible

  • Otto

  • Pau

    Thanks to Pau Gasol, this Catalan name meaning "peace" is familiar in the U.S.

  • Paul

  • Pierce

  • Quincy

  • Ricky

  • Robin

    Robin Lopez is the twin brother of Brook

  • Ronnie

  • Rudy

  • Russell

  • Rajon

    A possibility for diehard Celtics fans

  • Rubio

    A common surname in many Latin countries and a place name as well.

  • Stephen

    Star player Stephen Curry pronounces his name STEFF-in, mixing this name up a bit

  • Seraphin

    Seraphin is the name of an Italian saint

  • Taj

  • Teague

  • Thaddeus

  • Tiago

    The Portuguese twin of Diego

  • Timofey

    Russian form of Timothy; might face some pronunciation challenges stateside

  • Tolliver

  • Tyreke

  • Thabo

    The H is silent. This South African name is another appealing -o name.

  • Udonis

    If your little Miami Heat fan can't pull off LeBron, try this creative name !

  • Victor

  • Vince

  • Zaza

    A zippy name courtesy of Georgian player Zaza Pachulia