Baby girl names

Baby girl names for baby #3 - Created by MsBrandiLion

  • Caia

    Pronounced KYA "to rejoice"

  • Calliope

    Pronounced KA-LYE-oh-pee. "beautiful voice" Greek muse of epic poetry, name of the musical instrument on a merry-go-round

  • Charlotte

  • Chloe

    "young green shoot" alternative name for the Greek mythology goddess of agriculture and fertility, Demeter

  • Clementine

    "mild, merciful"

  • Clio

    Pronounced CLEE-O. Meaning "glory". Ancient Greek mythological muse of history and heroic poetry

  • Davina

    Hebrew "little deer"

  • Elise

    "pledged to God"

  • Esme

    "esteemed, beloved; emerald"

  • Everly

    "wild boar in woodland clearing"

  • Evie


  • Juliet


  • Kia

    "season's beginning"

  • Mila

    Pronounced MEE-LA

  • Milena

    "love, warmth, grace" Mila Kunis' given name

  • Rosalie


  • Roxanne


  • Scarlett

  • Sky

    Alternately Skye