Family Names

Names that my family have thought of, or are named. - Created by shenayeelizabeth

  • Christine

    It is my nan's name, I prefer it over Christina. Most people just call my nan Chris though.

  • Elizabeth

    My middle name, my aunt's middle name, my grammy's middle name. Most people in my family have Elizabeth, it is a family name. I find it a classic but boring.

  • Janine

    I love this, it is my mum's middle name and I think Tanith Janine flows nicely.

  • Myfanwy

    My aunt was going to be called this name, it is kind of sweet. A nickname could be Miffy/Miff/Myff/Myffy.

  • Natalie

    I like this name too, my other aunt's name. But I prefer the whole name, I do not like the nickname Nat (like my Grammy) because it seems to harsh.

  • Rhiannon

    My aunt's name, like my mum's it is beautiful. A Welsh name, I really like Welsh names. But I wouldn't choose it for my child.

  • Shenaye

    My name, it has many other spellings though. My nickname is Naye. My name is kind of unusual but I have heard of other girls with this name, just not with the spelling.

  • Tanith

    My mum's name, I absolutely adore it. It is such a stunning name, but most people don't understand how to say it. How could you not understand?

  • Teneille

    It's my other aunt's name, pretty but I am unsure of the meaning.

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