Delightful D's

As I've done previously with A's, B's and C's, here's a list of all my favourite "D" names. - Created by Stace92x

  • Dale

    A popular English name

  • Daley

    Stronger version of Dale and Irish variant.

  • Danica

    Delicate and unique, puts a European spin on Danielle/Daniella. Means "morning star".

  • Daniel

    a perennial favourite. One of only a handful of male names that sounds both classic and modern, popular but not cliched.

  • Daniella

    Not as stylish as some of the other "Ella" names, but still widely popular.

  • Danielle

    A classically popular name.

  • Darragh

    Currently very popular in Ireland, can be very appealing.

  • Darren

    Irish name meaning "little great one".

  • Deana

    Dean-ah. Feminine version of Dean.

  • Deanna

    Dee-anna. English variation of Dianna, meaning "divine".

  • Declan

    A popular and appealing Irish name.

  • Delfina

    Italian and Spanish variation of Delphine.

  • Delphine

    A fresher choice than Danielle, sleek, chic French name.

  • Devin

    A handsome and masculine name.

  • Diana

    A classic, gorgeous and underused choice, meaning "devine".

  • Dominic

    Handsome and well used name.

  • Dulcia

    Has a sweet sound to it.

  • Dulcie

    A sweet-meaning and sounding name dating back to the Roman Empire.

  • Duncan

    Not too popular nor too strange, brimming with friendly charm.

  • Dylan

    Still poetic and romantic after years of popularity.