Better Names for Anarchists

Names inspired by awesome anarchists, feminists, freedom-fighters, radical thinkers and anti-authoritarians in history and literature. - Created by friedebe

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  • Albert

    Albert Parsons, American anarchist

  • Amparo

    Amparo Poch y Gaston, Spanish anarchist, feminist and founder of Mujeres Libres

  • Bartolomeo

    Nicknames: Bart. Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Italian/American anarchist

  • Bell

    bell hooks, American feminist and anti-racist writer

  • Buenaventura

    Buenaventura Durruti, Spanish anarchist who led the Durruti Column in the Spanish Revolution

  • Carlo

    Carlo Tresca, Italian/American anarchist

  • Dalla

    Maria Dalla Costa, Marxist writer

  • Emma

    Emma Goldman, Russian/American anarchist and feminist

  • Emmeline

    Emmeline Pankhurst, British suffragette

  • Errico

    Errico Malatesta, very popular Italian anarchist

  • Ethel

    Ethel MacDonald, Scottish anarchist and broadcaster

  • Francisco

    Francisco Ferrer, Spanish anarchist and educationalist

  • Frederick

    Nicknames: Fred. Frederick Douglass, American abolitionist, Friedrich Engels, German communist writer

  • Guy

    Guy Aldred, Scottish anarchist and publisher

  • Howard

    Howard Zinn, American anarchist and writer

  • Jenny

    Jenny Patrick, Scottish anarchist and publisher

  • Karl

    Alt spellings: Carl. Karl Marx. You probably have heard of him.

  • Libertad

    Spanish for liberty

  • Lucia

    Lucia Sanchez Saomil, Spanish anarchist, feminist and founder of Mujeres Libres

  • Lucy

    Lucy Parsons, American anarchist

  • Mercedes

    Mercedes Comaposada, Spanish anarchist, feminist and founder of Mujeres Libres

  • Mikhail

    Alternative: Michael. Mikhail Bakunin, Russian anarchist.

  • Morris

    William Morris, British libertarian socialist, writer and artist

  • Nestor

    Nestor Makhno, Ukrainian anarchist

  • Nicola

    Nicknames: Nick. Ferdinando Nicola Sacco, Italian/American anarchist

  • Noam

    Noam Chomsky, American anarchist and writer

  • Orwell

    George Orwell, British socialist writer

  • Peter

    Pyotr Kropotkin, Russian anarchist communist and author

  • Reid

    Jimmy Reid, Scottish trade-unionist

  • Rudolf

    Nicknames: Rudy. Rudolf Rocker, German anarcho-syndicalist.

  • Saoirse

    Irish for freedom

  • Sasha

    Alexander Berkman, Emma Goldman's partner and Russian/American anarchist, went by Sasha

  • Sojourner

    Sojourner Truth, American abolitionist and feminist

  • Soledad

    Soledad Estroach, Spanish anarchist, feminist and founder of Grupo Cultural Feminino

  • Sylvia

    Sylvia Pankhurst, British feminist

  • Saorsa

    Scottish Gaelic for freedom

  • Shevek

    A main character of Ursula LeGuin's novel The Dispossessed

  • Traven

    B Traven, German anarchist and author

  • Takver

    A main character in Ursula LeGuin's novel The Dispossessed

  • Upton

    Upton Sinclair, American writer

  • Ursula

    Ursula LeGuin, American anarchist and novelist

  • Voltairine

    Voltairine DeCleyre, American anarchist, feminist and writer