Classic but Modern

A list of girls names that are all classic names but are still popular today and are not categorized as "old people's names". - Created by Stace92x

  • Alice

    Strong but sweet. Recently jumped up in popularity.

  • Anna

    Most dominant form of the Ann family. Top 25 name for years.

  • Anne

    French version of Ann, meaning "grace".

  • Caroline

    Perennial classic, top 100 name since 1994.

  • Charlotte

    Elegant royal name, sophisticated yet feminine.

  • Claire

    Feminine but not too frilly. Currently enjoying revived popularity but will never be seen as trendy.

  • Diana

    Classic but feminine name, meaning "divine".

  • Emily

    Seen as an overused name but still appeals to a wide range. Feminine, classic, simple, pretty and strong.

  • Emma

    Simple but with a deep history, yet distinctly feminine. Many have moved on to it from Emily, making it more overused.

  • Grace

    Simple and pure virtue name but recently seen as trendy.

  • Julia

    An enduring classic, ancient roots but a modern, fashionable feel.

  • Kate

    In headlines more via Catherine Middleton, strong and classic name meaning "pure".

  • Katherine

    Most popular spelling of the name, one of the most diverse names, powerful yet feminine.

  • Laura

    Never trendy, never dated, feminine name.

  • Louisa

    Quaint vintage name, Latinate feminine variation of Louis.

  • Lucy

    Slowly but surely gaining popularity, attractive and feminine name.

  • Madeline

    Lovely old-fashioned favourite with a soft and delicate image.

  • Maria

    Most common name in Spanish-speaking countries, retains a timeless beauty.

  • Olivia

    Megapopular baby girl name. Has an admirable balance of strength and femininity.

  • Rachel

    Delicate and soft, primarily Jewish name.

  • Rebecca

    Classic name that is a pretty and prudent choice. Represents beauty.

  • Sarah

    Slipped in popularity recently but still widely used. Timeless classic meaning "princess".

  • Sophia

    Gained widespread favour recently by appealing to a wide range of parents because of it's sophisticated beauty.

  • Susannah

    Most stylish form of the name. One of the loveliest names outside of the top 1000.