Music Names

Names vaguely and overtly associated with music theory and/or classical music. - Created by Contessina

  • Aria

    Italian for air, a vocal piece in a larger work ... gaining popularity

  • Brahms

    as in Johannes Brahms

  • Cadence

    rhythm, beat

  • Carol

    joyous song (such as those sung at Christmas)

  • Chopin

    as in Frédéric François Chopin ... nn Cho

  • Clementi

    as in Muzio Clementi ... nn Minnie

  • Harmony

    a pleasing combination (of notes)

  • Haydn

    as in Joseph Haydn

  • Johann

    a common musical first name ... J Pachelbel, J Ambrosius bach, father of J Sebastian Bach, and (sort of) Johannes Brahms

  • Lyra

    as in lyre, an instrument like a harp

  • Lyric

    the words of a song

  • Melody

    a song, a tune

  • Mozart

    as in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ... nn Mo

  • Musetta

    as in the character who sings Musetta's Waltz in the opera La Bohème

  • Opera

    ooh, sophisticated ... could serve as an alternative to Oprah

  • Sonata

    a classification of music

  • Scarlatti

    nn Latti ... as in, Domenico Scarlatti

  • Viola

    an instrument