My top choices for names - Created by Alexandrathegreat

  • Alec

    Just love it

  • Anja

    Short and sweet with a cool spelling

  • Araminta

    This name is fabulous!

  • Auden

    Auden June

  • Audrey

    Audrey Katharine

  • Austen

    Austen Emilia

  • Bryony

    Strong and powerful

  • Cosima

    It's spunky and has a flair to it

  • Cyra

  • Evony

    Sweet and a lot nicer than Ebony with a Mediterranean feel

  • Gemma

    A Goldie!

  • Isabeau

    Love Isabel but its too popular, while this is a sleek alternative

  • Jasper

    Jasper Stavaros

  • Jude

    Jude Matthew

  • Julietta

    Fresh take on classics Julia and Juliet, without the popularity

  • Lucy

    Lucy Madeline

  • Melaina

    This name is just brill!

  • Pippa

    Pippa is fun and flirty!

  • River

    River Amelia

  • Sebastian

    I think it would work well with a short mn

  • Selene

    A wonderful Greek name of the Goddess of the Moon

  • Tamsin

    Tams is such a cute nn

  • Teyla

    My #1 girl name-- Teyla Alexandra or Teyla Jade