Pleasures of which I am guilty.

Oh, you know, the fun ones I like to talk about that any hypothetical father of my hypothetical children would hypothetically veto. - Created by Celianne

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  • Amber

    Always sounded too harsh and closed for a girl.

  • Court

    Like a king's court. Or a basketball court. Or a tennis court. It's sporty and crisp. Apparently it's also a girl's name. Don't know how that happened.

  • Dragon.

    Because if my kid can't breathe fire, why bother?

  • Emerald

    For the girls, there is Esmeralda. They can have it. I want this one for the boys. Emer screams boy to me, and so does Ald. Just because it's sparkly doesn't mean it's girly.

  • Jade

    I just can't help it. I think this would be a pretty cool boy name. It means green. It's a rock. Why is this a problem? Apparently rocks are girly.

  • Lucifer

    Means 'bringer of light,' was a rebellious angel with high standards. Unfortunately, the religious majority would give me the evil eye forever.

  • Onyx

    This name screams AWESOME to me.

  • Rebel

    Yes, I would be asking for it. That's okay.

  • Royal

    Maybe a bit overdone, but... it's COOL. It makes me think of crowns, and other shiny things.

  • Ruby

    Mostly as a nickname for Reuben, but I truly think it can stand alone.