Female Royalty Names

Mainly English, but not strictly. Includes names used from the time of King Ethelred to today's Elizabeth II - Created by namecrazy59

  • Adelaide

  • Alice

    Alice FitzRoy

  • Amelia

  • Anastasia

    Daughter of imperialist czar.

  • Anne

    Anne Boleyn, Anne of Cleves, Anne of Brittany

  • Beatrice

    Countess of Richmond

  • Beatrix

    Queen of the Netherlands

  • Blanche

  • Bridget

    Bridget of York

  • Caroline

  • Catherine

    Catherine of Aragon, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr, Catherine Middleton

  • Cecilia

    Cecilia of Normandy

  • Cecily

    Cecily of York

  • Charlotte

  • Diana

    Diana, princess of Wales

  • Dorothea

    Middle name of Prussian queen

  • Eleanor

    Queen Eleanor of Aquatine

  • Elizabeth

    Elizabeths I and II

  • Emma

    Emma of Normandy

  • Grace

    Princess consort of Monaco

  • Gunhilda

    Holy Roman Empress

  • Gytha

    Daughter of Harold

  • Henrietta

    Duchess of Orleans

  • Henrietta Maria

  • Henriette Marie

    The real name of Henrietta Maria

  • Isabella

    Isabella of Castile

  • Jane

    Jane Grey, Jane Seymour

  • Joan

    Queen of Sicily, Countess of Toulouse

  • Joanna

    Joanna of Castile

  • Louisa

  • Margaret

    Margaret of Anjou, Margaret of Wessex/Saint Margaret of Scotland, Margaret of York

  • Marie

    Marie Antoinette

  • Mary

    Mary Tudor, Mary Tudor, Mary Stuart, Mary Boleyn

  • Matilda

    Holy Roman Empress

  • Maud

  • Pippa

    Pippa Middleton. Not actually royal, but hey.

  • Sophia

  • Sybilla

    Queen of Scots

  • Victoria

    Queen Victoria (England)