Empowered Girl Names for a Future Classy, Ambitious and Sassy Woman

I hope to inspire confidence, beauty and passion in my future daughter by giving her a strong name that she can be proud of. However, I don't want to give her name that bogs her down or is so militant that it loses something. This is a list for the adorable little girl as well as the empowered, fierce and beautifully confident woman. - Created by amcarlton1

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  • Amelia

    Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean and later lost her life doing the thing she was most passionate about: flying. With such an inspirational namesake, your little Amelia could soar, right to the top of whatever is her passion. Nickames: "Mia" and "Lia".

  • Artemis

    A pre-Greek Goddess who, unlike her Roman version Diana, was not just Goddess of the hunt but was considered a Goddess of all things wild, mistress of animals and childbirth. Artemis, as a name sounds a bit androgynous even though it's essentially female. Nicknames could include: Art or Missy. In mythology, Artemis had many romantic admirers (and some not so romantic) but she never needed a man to rescue her, was not easily won over and rescued quite a few other damsals in distress herself.

  • Augusta

    Augusta or August are sassy names for a talkative young lady with lots of opinions. The name has long been a favorite amongst nobility but the name makes an especially empowered mark on the Countess Augusta Lovelace who was a famous mathematican and writer.

  • Beatrix

    Beatrix means "voyager through life" which, let's admit, is way cool. Nickname Bea is lovely, while Trixie may work out better for your spunky, tomboy. Beatirx is a classic and strong name with royal cousin Beatrice as a more traditional alternative. Also, Beatrix is the name of a star and the only female supervillan in Harry Potter. It would be hard not to take a woman name Beatrix seriously, I think.

  • Dorothea

    Nicknames like "Dottie" and "Dot" are practically irresistable. But beyond cuteness, Dorothea has some serious strongholds in greatness. Great women named Dorothea range from a long list of princesses, duchesses and countesses to social activists and rock stars. The first woman Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel's middle name is Dorothea. Further back in history, Dorothea was the name of serveral martyr's and the patron saint of florists. Dorothea is a lovely name that needs to be back in the limelight.

  • Eleanor

    Eleanor, Elinor and Eleanora are all beautiful and empowered names for a girl. And with women like Eleanor Roosevelt to look up to or more historical Eleanor of Aquitaine your little "Elle", "Ellie", or "Nora" could feel very proud of her name.

  • Fae

    Fae means Fairy, it's short, light and refreshing without being frilly or utlra femme. It also has a mythological and classic feel. Name variations could include: Fae, Faye or Fey, like the witty, brilliant writer and comedian Tina Fey.

  • Hermione

    Also sporting original Greek origins, Hermione was the only daughter of Helen of Troy and Menelaus. Hermione also has literary grounding in Shakespeare and more recently in Harry Potter with the brainy and empowered Hermione Granger. A once frumpy and littlle used name is now being given a fresh face. With the potential nicknames: "Mione" and maybe even the stretch "Hero" Hermione has some serious potential as a kick-butt, sophisticated and tallented lady.

  • Juno

    On the goddess theme, who can ignore Juno. Juno, whose Greek counterpart is perhaps just as cool namewise: Hera, is associated with power, ferocity and rejuvination. Also the originial meaning of the name is "youth".

  • Margaret

    Margaret Atwood, Margaret Thatcher, Margaret Mead and Princess Margaret all wore this beautiful old classic that may at first seem too frumpy, but wait, refresh it with the beautiful German nickname "Greta", or the French, "Margot". The name means Pearl, which symbolizes the specialness and rareity of your baby girl.

  • Rhiannon

    Practically any goddess name is going to be empowered, by its very nature. And considering that Welsh Celtic goddess Rhiannon is the goddess of fertility, I'd say that's nature at its finest: Mother Nature! Also, with a reference to a Fleetwood Mac song about an alluring majestic woman makes it rock. Nicknames: Rhee, Rhea, Rhia and Ann.

  • Valentina

    This beautiful, robust and romantic name is saved from being frilly by it's strong connotation of saints and ancient history. Also the strong and unusual "V" name stands apart from its overused "V" cousins, Vanessa, Vivian and Veronica. Also soviet cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space, and it was the name chosen for her daughter by celebrity Selma Hayek.

  • Winifred

    I know it can sound daunting at first but consider, the old English name meaning "peace" is grounded, bold, classic and yes, beautiful. Winifred also has the adorable nicknames: Winnie, Wina, Freddie, and Freda. There is the alternative, if not a bit bulky: Winifreda as well. And with a reference to the empowered and loveable Winifred Banks from "Mary Poppins", as well as the charming Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years", who can resist.

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