Unusual Female Names From My Genealogy A-D

Interesting and unusual names from the female side of my family tree from the year 602-1983 A-D
  1. Adela
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

    • Description:

      A vibrant variation of Adele, with a bit of extra flair from that "-a" ending. It could join the army of popular A girls' names, especially with its tie to the success of singer Adele.
  2. Adelais
      • ADELIZ
        • Adeliza
          • Origin:

            Medieval English and Old Swedish form of Adelaide
          • Meaning:

            "noble, nobility"
          • Description:

            Adeliza is a unique member of the popular Adelaide-Adeline family. Different enough to distinguish it from all the others? Maybe, and it's definitely got an appealing sound that makes it sound a bit like a smoosh of Adele and Eliza.
        • ADRIANTJE
          • AELFLAED
            • AELIS
              • AENOR
                • ALASIA
                  • ALBERADE
                    • ALDONZA
                      • ALFAISE
                        • ALFFLAID
                          • ALFGIFU
                            • ALFTHRYTH
                              • ALIANORE
                                • Alix
                                  • Origin:

                                  • Meaning:

                                    "noble type"
                                  • Description:

                                    A chic and sassy French choice, popular in France but likely to be confused with the more prosaic Alex in English-speaking countries. Although sometimes used in the US as a variant spelling of Alex, the French name Alix actually derives from a medieval French form of the name Alice or Adelaide.
                                • ALPAIS
                                  • ALSWITHA