Flower Names

- Created by muchachacristiana

  • Calla Sophia

    "Beautiful" "Wisdom"

  • Camellia Eve

    A lovely first name (after a lovely flower) and a middle name that means "Life"

  • Daisy Carina

    "Pearl" "Dear little one"

  • Flora Michal

    "Flower" "Who is like God"

  • Iris Jane

    "Rainbow" "God's gracious gift"

  • Lilian Dael

    "Lily" of the "Valley"?

  • Magnolia Ruth

    Great full name for nickname Maggie. Ruth means "Compassionate friend"

  • Posy Isobel

    "A bunch of flowers" "Pledged to God"

  • Rose Arcadia

    In some cultures the rose is the symbol of the martyr. Arcadia means region offering peace and contentment.

  • Violette Lydia

    "Purple" "Seller of purple"