Scandinavian & Beautiful

I'm and Olson, and that means I'm Swedish. I love everything Scandinavian, to the history, the mythology, and even the language. I really want to get to know Scandinavian names that I love. - Created by liviajoan

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  • Abelone

    "destroyer" Danish and bad-ass. Nickname: Abba, Abbie

  • Agnethe

    "pure, holy", derived from Agnes. Nicknames: Aggie

  • Aili

    "sunlight", Irish, but common Scandinavian. Pronounced: EYE-lee or AYE-lee.

  • Anneka

    "sweet-faced", common Scandinavian spelling. Nickname: Anne (ann-AH)

  • Arne

    "ruler, strong as an eagle", Dutch variation of Arnold. Pronounced: ahr-NAH

  • Audr

    Possibly male form of Audrey, which means "noble strength", which is also Swedish band.

  • Ayn

    "grace", Scandinavian version of Hannah.

  • Berquist

    "mountain twig," Swedish. Nickname: Berq (behrk)

  • Casper

    "treasurer", Dutch form of Jasper. Nickname: Cas

  • Eero

    "eternal ruler," Finnish variation of Eric. Common Scandinavian name. Nickname: Ro

  • Eirik

    "eternal ruler", Old Norse, a form of Eric.

  • Elin

    "bright, shining", Swedish variation of Helen. Nickname: Ellie

  • Esa

    "morning-born", Scandinavian variation of Asa; is unisex. Pronounced: AY-sah

  • Freja

    "noblewoman", Norse goddess of fertility, love, and beauty. Also spelled Freyja or Freya.

  • Havelock

    "sea competition", Scandinavian.

  • Janis

    "God's gracious gift", form of John.

  • Janne

    "God is gracious", Finnish variation of John. Common Scandinavian spelling. Pronounced: Jahn-ah

  • Joakim

    "lifted by Jahwe," Scandinavian variation of Joaquin, originally Eljakim. Pronounced: wah-KEEM

  • Jone

    "God is gracious", Scandinavian, possible form of Joan, which is a form of John. Pronounced: joan-ah

  • Juni

    "june," Scandinavian variation of June. Pronounced: joo-NEE

  • Jytte

    "mankind, descendant," Danish variation of Judith, preffer Jutte. Pronounced: YOU-tah

  • Jari

    "helmet protector," Finnish form of Jalmari. Pronounced: jah-REE

  • Kaia

    "to rejoice," Scandinavian version of Caia. Pronounced: kai-AH

  • Lilja

    "lily," Scandinavian version of Lily or Lilia. Pronounced: Lihl-YAH Nickname: Lil

  • Linnea

    "twin-flower," Scandinavian. Pronounced: lih-nay-ah Nickname: Lina

  • Lovisa

    "famous in battle," Scandinavian version of Louise. Nickname: Vee Pronounced: loh-vee-sah

  • Maikki

    "bitter," Finnish variation of Mary. Nickname: Mai or Kiki Pronounced: mai-KEE

  • Nanna

    "daring," Scandinavian. Pronounced: nah-NAH Nickname: Nan

  • Nessa

    "headlands," Scandinavian.

  • Pelle

    "rock, stone," Scandinavian unisex variation of Peter. Prefer it on a girl. Pronounced: pehl-AH

  • Petah

    "rock, stone," Native American, but common in Scandinavian countries. Pronounced: peh-TAH

  • Soren

    "severe", Scandinavian. I prefer Sorren. Nickname: Sorra or Ren

  • Sunniva

    "sun gift" Irish saint who fled to Norway. Nickname: Niva (NEE-vah)

  • Susanne

    "lily", common Scandinavian name & spelling. Nickname: Sanne (sahn-AH)

  • Sansa

    "praise, charm" Is not Scandinavian, but Sanskrit, though it feels like it. Common in Australia.