Witchy / pagan names

Witchy and pagan inspired girl and boy names - Created by bailibsmum

  • Acantha

    Name means "thorn" or "prickle".

  • Aemilia

    Latin name meaning to rival or to emulate.

  • Aeronwen

    Meaning "fair" or "blessed" and "berry"

  • Aife

    Celtic name meaning "beauty"

  • Aija

    Means "melody".

  • Aldo

    meaning "old man" or "elder".

  • Alexis

    Alexis is a name derived from the Greek alexo meaning "to help" or "to defend"

  • Amethyst

    -Amethyst is quartz crystal stained purple. It is used in jewelry and in healing and magic. It was once believed that it could prevent intoxication and it is sacred to Dionysus and Buddha. Amethyst is the birth stone for February and Pisces.

  • Anastasia

    Meaning "resurrection".

  • Aoife

    The name means "beautiful, radiant, joyful''

  • Ariadne

    Means "very holy one".

  • Avalon

    unisex name- meaning "Island of apple trees".

  • Abellona

    Greek origin meaning "destroyer"

  • Acenith

    Ancient Egyptian origin meaning "follower of Neith"

  • Adalheid

    Germanic name meaning "Noble one" or "of noble sort"

  • Adalwulf

    noble wolf

  • Aeolous

    Means "quick moving" or "nimble"

  • Aeson

    Aeson is an older version of the name Jason, both of which mean "healer''

  • Aiko

    Aiko is a Japanese name meaning "love child".

  • Alexo

    "to help" or "to defend"

  • Amalthea

    Name means "to soften" or "soothe".

  • Amaretat

    Name means "immortality"

  • Aneira

    Welsh meaning ''snow''

  • Atalante

    The name means "balanced"

  • Blossom

    Blossom is an English word meaning flower that is sometimes used as a girl's name.

  • Bradan

    Bradan is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "salmon". The "Salmon of Knowledge" is featured in Irish folklore.

  • Brennan

    The name Brennan is of Irish and Gaelic origin from the name Braonán which is derived from the word braon meaning "moisture" or "drop of water".

  • Björg

    It means "salvation" or "protection".

  • Blade

    The word "blade" can refer to the sharp edge of a cutting tool such as a knife or of a blade of grass or similar plant. This name is suitable for males or females.

  • Calypso

    Means "hidden" or "concealed"

  • Chase

    Chase means "huntsman" referring to the pursuit of quarry. This name could honor Artemis, Diana or any God/dess of the hunt.

  • Clytie

    The name Clytie means "glorious".

  • Conan

    Conan is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "a hound" or "swift footed warrior" or "little warrior" or "little hound".

  • Caireann

    The name means "little friend" or "little love"

  • Candika

    Candika is a Sanskrit name meaning "Fierce Goddess". It is a name for the Goddess Durga

  • Castalia

    Castalia is a girl's name from ancient Greek myth. She was the nymph of the sacred fountain of Delphi, consecrated to the Muses by Apollo, whose waters inspired the gift of poetry. The name derives from the Greek word for "pure".

  • Corvus

    The word Corvus is Latin for "raven" or "crow"

  • Damian

    Means ''to tame''

  • Damiana

    Means ''to tame''

  • Darcy

    Darcy is a modern variant of Dorcha meaning "darkness".

  • Draco

    The name Draco comes from the Greek drakon meaning "dragon" or "serpent".

  • Drake

    The word Drake has been used to describe a dragon in the past.

  • Enya

    The name Enya is a variant of the name Eithne meaning "kernel" "nut" or "seed".

  • Evander

    Evander is a Greek name meaning "good man".

  • Eileithyia

    Eileithyia is the Greek Goddess of Childbirth and midwifery of Minoan origin. She is often associated with Artemis

  • Electra -

    The name means "shining" or "amber".

  • Etaine

    Etaine is a name of Irish origin, mentioned in Irish folklore. The name means "jealousy".

  • Finn

    Finn is a name of Irish origin meaning "fair headed".

  • Faeryn

    Faeryn is a girl's name of English origin meaning "of the faeries".

  • Gawain

    The name means "white hawk of battle".

  • Hale

    It may be from the Old English halh, meaning "a nook, hollow or recess" or from Old Saxon haelaeh, meaning "hero"

  • Harmony

    The name Harmony refers to the English word meaning "in concord" and also musical harmony. It originates with the Greek Harmonia, the daughter of Aphrodite and Ares.

  • Harper

    The name Harper refers to one who plays the harp. Unisex name

  • Hayden

    German name meaning "Heathen". Unisex name.

  • Iolani

    This is a Hawaiian girl's name meaning "Bird of Heaven"

  • Invidia

    Invidia is the Roman equivalent of Nemesis. The name Invidia comes from the Latin invidere which means to look against, to look at in a hostile manner. It is associated with jealousy or envy and also the Evil Eye. The jealousy here is not merely a negative feeling against one who has what you have not, but a feeling that what another has is unjust or undeserved, offending one's sense of justice in the world.

  • Jade

    Jade has been identified as some as a birthstone for March.

  • Kai

    Kai is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "fire". It also means "ocean" Unisex name.

  • Kane

    Kane is a boy's name that can be of either Gaelic or Japanese origin. Pronounced kayn, it is an English version of the Gaelic name Cathán meaning "little battler". Pronounced kah NAY, Kane is a Japanese name meaning "putting together" or "gold;money".

  • Kyna

    name of Irish origin meaning "love, affection, esteem".

  • Leon

    Leon is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "Lion".

  • Leticia

    Leticia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "joy".

  • Lilith

    The name Lilith is of Assyrian origin meaning "of the night".

  • Logan

    Meaning ''Hollow''

  • Loki

    Loki is the name of the Norse trickster God.

  • Lux

    The name Lux comes from the Latin word for "light". It is suitable for a boy or a girl.

  • Lieve

    Lieve is a Germanic name used for girls. It may be a shortened version of the name Godelieve. The name means "loved by the Gods"

  • Marcia

    Marcia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "dedicated to Mars". It is the feminine form of Marcus.

  • Mason

    Mason is a boy's name of English origin meaning "stone worker". It is also evocative of the Freemasons.

  • Misty

    Misty is an English name referring to misty weather.

  • Neoma

    meaning "new moon".

  • Odin

    Odin is the name of the chief God of Norse Paganism. It comes from Vōðin meaning "ire" or "fury" like passionate inspiration or spiritual excitement. The word is also related to the word for poetry.

  • Oisin

    The name means "little deer".

  • Onyx

    Greek meaning "fingernail" or "claw''. Unisex name.

  • Ophelia

    The name Ophelia comes from the Greek meaning "help" or "aid".

  • Orin

    Orin is a Gaelic name meaning "little green one".

  • Orion

    Orion, the hunter is a constellation.The name Orion comes from words for "Gold" and "Rising" .

  • Ourania

    Ourania is a Greek name from ouranios meaning "heavenly.

  • Parker

    Parker is a name of English origin that can be used for either a boy or a girl. It means "park keeper".

  • Pearl

    The name Pearl refers to the precious stone that is formed in oysters. The pearl is a birthstone for June.

  • Penelope

    Penelope is a girl's name of Greek origin. In the Odyssey, Penelope was the faithful and clever wife of Odysseus or Ulysses. The name Penelope may refer to the weft of a weaving, that is the thread that is drawn through the stationary threads of the warp. Some believe the name comes from the name of a water bird.

  • Peregrine

    Peregrine is a Latin name Peregrinus meaning "foreigner, stranger" and also a type a falcon native to the US.

  • Persephone

    Persephone is the Greek Goddess of rebirth and the underworld, daughter of Demeter, the grain and harvest Goddess and possibly Zeus. She is also called Kore, the maiden or Nestis. (Gods and Goddesses of the dead were often called by nicknames or euphemisms to prevent their attention falling on the speaker.) She, with her mother, is a central figure in the Elusian mysteries. There is some disagreement among both ancient and modern sources as to the meaning of Her name. It may mean "bringer of destruction" or "death bringer".

  • Perseus

    Perseus is a name of Greek origin meaning "destroyer". I

  • Phoebus

    Phoebus means "shining one"

  • Phoenix

    The name Phoenix comes from the famous bird of Greek legend that burns itself to death and is reborn from its ashes. The word also relates to a deep red color. Unisex name.

  • Piper

    The name Piper refers to one who plays a pipe.

  • Phoebe

    -Phoebe was the Titaness mother of Leto. The name means "bright shining".

  • Pontia -Pontia

    Pontia means "of the deep sea". It is an epithet of Aphrodite and could also honor Poseidon.

  • Raina

    Raina is a variant of the Latin name Regina which means "Queen". This spelling also refers to rain.

  • Rainbow

    As in, the colorful thing in the sky after the rain. Rainbows have a great deal of symbolic significance in many traditions, relating to hope and rebirth and renewal after the storm. The Goddess Iris, messenger of Hera is symbolized by the rainbow

  • Raven

    The name Raven refers to the bird. The Raven is rich with symbolism. Ravens were messengers for many Gods.

  • Riley

    As an English name, Riley means "rye clearing". Rather like a clearing in the woods where rye is grown. As an Irish name it means "courageous or valiant". It is suitable for boys or girls.

  • Riordan

    Riordan is a boy's name of Gaelic origin meaning "small poet king" or "royal poet".

  • River

    The name River refers to a river, moving water.

  • Rogan

    Rogan is a boy's name of Irish and Gaelic origin from Ruadhagáin meaning "red-haired".

  • Ruari

    Ruari is a name of Irish origin that can be used for a boy or a girl. The name means "red-headed King".

  • Sakura

    Sakura is a Japanese name meaning "cherry blossom" the symbolism of this is fleeting beauty.

  • Silvan

    Silvan means "of the forest". Silvanus was the Roman God of the forest.

  • Tyr

    Tyr is the Norse God of law, honor and glory, a powerful, warlike God after whom Tuesday and the rune Tiwaz were named. In old Norse, Týr is the generic noun "god". The Norse God Tyr is often associated with the Roman God Mars.

  • Vance

    Vance is a name of Old English origin meaning "marshland"

  • Valkyrie

    The word Valkyrie is from Old Norse valkyrja meaning "chooser of the slain" They were female spirits who choose warriors to die in battle and take their souls to Valhalla to feast until Ragnarok.

  • Wade

    Wade is a name of Old English and Scandinavian origin. It means "able to go" and "river ford".

  • Warren

    Warren is a name of Old English origin meaning "watchman" or "park ranger"

  • Willow

    The name Willow refers to the Willow tree whose bark is used in herbal healing, whose branches are used to make wands and countless other items and who is considered a sacred tree by many traditions.

  • Winter

    The name Winter refers to the season

  • Wren

    A wren is a small bird that forages in crevices and is common in various areas throughout the world. House wrens and winter wrens in particular are very friendly and enjoy living closely with humans, frequently taking up an offer of a bird house.

  • Xander

    The name Xander is a variant of Alexander meaning "defender of men" or "defender of the people".

  • Xavier

    Xavier is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "A New House".

  • Zarya

    Zarya is a Russian name meaning "dawn" "sunrise" "morning" & etc.

  • Zelenia

    Zelenia is a variant of the Greek name Selene. the Goddess of the Moon

  • Zenon

    Zenon is a name of Greek origin that combines the name Zenas and Zeno. The name means "gift from Zeus" or "hospitable".

  • Zenovia

    Zenovia is a female variation of Zenobios which is male name of Greek origin meaning "life of Zeus".

  • Zephyr

    This name references Zephyrus, the Greek personification of the west wind.