The Enchantresses

Inspired by legends, myths, stories and general medievalness; in this list you'll find names of sorceresses, enchantresses, fairyfolk and other magical creatures. And some names that just give me that feeling.
  1. Aisling
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "dream, vision"
    • Description:

      Aisling is currently a very popular Irish name for girls. Pronounced variously as ASH-ling, ASH-lin or ash-LEEN, it was part of the revival of authentic Irish names in the twentieth century, and is now being sparingly used by U.S. parents in place of the dated Ashley--though often spelled phonetically as Ashlyn or Ashlynn.
  2. Albinia
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "white, fair"
    • Description:

      The original male name Alban is a lot sleeker and more usable.
  3. Avalon
    • Origin:

    • Meaning:

      "island of apples"
    • Description:

      Avalon, an island paradise of Celtic myth and Arthurian legend--it was where King Arthur was taken to recover from his wounds-- and also the colorful capital of the California island of Catalina-- makes a heavenly first name. Actress Rena Sofer and British musician Julian Cope used it for their daughters.
  4. Acadine
    • Acrasia
      • Aello
        • Aeval
          • Aillean
            • Ainsel
              • Alaida
                • Alcina
                  • Aradia
                    • Argante
                      • Auryn
                        • Bafana
                          • Belisama
                            • Bellicent
                              • Belphoebe
                                • Bensozie
                                  • Berehynia