The National's Names

The names the Brooklyn-based band The National used in their songs. - Created by CileSuns92

  • Abel

    The one the singer asks his keys to in Alligator

  • Ada

    The girl who doesn't talk about reasons in Boxer

  • Anna

    No confidence in Anna Freud in The National, but also the bitter one in Little Faith in High Violet

  • Claire

    The Thrilling of Claire, bonus track in Alligator, expanded edition

  • Clara

    The one with the cool, happy, genius heroes in The Virginia EP and in Mistaken For Strangers

  • Davy

    "Davy says that I look taller" in I Need My Girl (Trouble Will Find Me)

  • Grace

    She puts the flowers she finds in a vase in Graceless (Trouble Will Find Me)

  • Jennifer

    Not the only one who sits awake until the wild feelings leave her in Fireproof (Trouble Will Find Me)

  • Jenny

    The one the singer confess he's in trouble in This Is The Last Time (Trouble Will Find Me)

  • Joe

    The one that says that he loves you in Sea Of Love (Trouble Will Find Me) is about

  • John

    John's Star is the one he shows as they lay down in strawberry fields in The National

  • Karen

    The one that still hasn't seen his good side yet in Alligator

  • Mary

    The girl that kisses you with silver eyes in American Mary (The National). Also, is the official website of the band

  • Rachael

    The lover with pretty boy in Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers (Murder Me, Rachael is also a bonus track in Alligator)

  • Rylan

    The one who should take the quick way out in an unreleased song

  • Tennessee

    "I feel like I'm Tennessee Williams" in City Middle (Alligator)

  • Tina

    The one that lies on the ground and knows the devil in Sunshine On My Back

  • Val

    Val Jester, for whom they build a fire in Alligator


    Made up character who leaves the home and changes his name in Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks (High Violet)

  • Victoria

    For Squalor Victoria they raise their heavenly glasses in Boxer

  • Violet

    High Violet, title of their 2010 album.

  • Virginia

    Virginia has done it again in The Virginia EP