Puerto Rican Girl names ending in -ys or -is

  1. Mirelis
    • Adamaris
      • Alanis
        • Origin:

          Female variation of Alan
        • Meaning:

          "handsome, cheerful"
        • Description:

          Singer Alanis Morissette made this twist famous. She was named for her father Alan, who is said to have spotted this version in a Greek newspaper. So far it has been pretty much a one-person name, but could make a distinctive update of Alana — especially with s-ending names making a comeback. Alanis is a Top 100 choice in Puerto Rico.
      • Alannis
        • Origin:

          Spelling variation of Alanis
        • Description:

          Singer Alanis Morisette may have made the one-n version of this name more famous, but like the other Alan feminization Alana or Alanna, the spelling can go either way.
      • Alanys
        • Alianys
          • Amarilis
            • Amaris
              • Origin:

                Variation of Amara or Amariah
              • Description:

                Amaris sounds like "amorous," which is a loving name for a child, but doesn't really have a clear derivation or meaning of its own. The popular Amara is one of the most international names on the charts, with derivations and meanings in cultures that truly span the globe. And Amariah is an ancient Hebrew name. Still, Amaris is unusual and pretty, and that may be enough.
            • Amarys
              • Anais
                • Origin:

                  Catalan and Provencal pet form of Hebrew Anna
                • Meaning:

                • Description:

                  Anais is an unusual, alluring name forever attached to the daring French-born American novelist and diarist Anais Nin (born Angela, with Anais as one of her middle names), who became the inspiration for the naming of the daughter of musician Noel Gallagher. Anais is also the name of a popular perfume.
              • Aracelis
                • Arielis
                  • Arielys
                    • Abdielys
                      • Abneris
                        • Adalis
                          • Adalys
                            • Adamarys
                              • Adiaris
                                • Adrialys