almost made the list!

some of these my FDH said sounded "too American" :( and some, I loved, but then I thought more about them, and wasnt keen on the nicknames for them etc.. (btw, can you tell we've thought more about girls names lol) - Created by purple_pie

  • Alana

    not sure about nn Ali

  • Alissa

    not sure about nn Ali

  • Anya

    love fairytale Anastasia, ..not sure about nn Annie!

  • Archer

    not sure about nn Archie

  • Brooke

    (FDH said: "too American")

  • Cordelia

    nn Delia is common in UK, but dont like it! (love nn Cori though)

  • Ellette

    love that its Welsh for elf! ..not sure about nn Ellie!

  • Indigo

    best friends dog called Indie! :(

  • Jack

    always loved this, but its FDHs parents dog!

  • Marina

    not sure about nn Mari, and FDH used to have an evil teacher called this lol

  • Marissa

    not sure about nn Mari

  • Miranda

    not sure about nn Miri, do NOT like nn Randy, and Mandy would sound silly with our surname

  • Rowan

    not sure about nn 'Row' haha!

  • Scarlett

    not sure about nn?

  • Taylor

    (FDH said: "too American")

  • Tegan

    (FDH said: "too American")

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