A Bit Unusual (girls)

  1. Albany
    • Origin:

    • Description:

      Not yet on the place-name map, this name has Shakespearean ties via the Duke Of Albany character in King Lear.
  2. Aedyn
    • Avonlea
      • Aylabelle
        • Berlyn
          • Bralee
            • Brayleigh
              • Emmariah
                • Gracyn
                  • Hollyn
                    • Irelyn
                      • Jadielys
                        • Katricia
                          • Lark
                            • Origin:

                              English bird name
                            • Description:

                              Lark is getting some new and well-deserved attention as a post-Robin and Raven bird name. Although it was first recorded as a name in the 1830's, it has never appeared on the Social Security list.
                          • Larkin
                            • Origin:

                            • Meaning:

                              "rough, fierce"
                            • Description:

                              While Larkin takes this name from girlish bird to boyish surname, there are actually more female Larkins these days than male, and it's a name that works as well for either gender.
                          • Lenae
                            • Madigan
                              • Origin:

                              • Meaning:

                                "little dog"
                              • Description:

                                An unusual, energetic surname choice that would make a good Madison alternative. Madigan was a typical police detective series of the 1970s, starring Richard Widmark.
                            • Marisha
                              • Mayday
                                • Maelee