Names We Love

Names that we're discussed between my husband and I about future kids and about our current kids. Names that we love and we've used or want to use :) - Created by nsantaguida

  • Alessia

    We love the name Alessia and we think it's adorable, feminine, Italian, and has endless nickname possibilities

  • Bianca

    We adore the name Bianca we think it's beautiful and has an elegance to it.

  • Chiara

    Our daughter's name, we couldn't have picked a more suitable name for her personality. I think it's pretty and elegant and yet not as popular as classic Italian feminine names like Sofia and Olivia, which we both adore as well.

  • Domenic

    We adore the nickname "Dom" and it's a family name which is also a bonus.

  • Enzo

    We think Enzo is also an adorable name, but my family is not too keen on it. We love the parallel though and we think it's so cute!

  • Julian

    Our 4 year old sons name. We love it and it fits him perfectly. It's the right amount of traditional and masculine, without it being too old for our taste.

  • Luca

    Luca is also another strong, masculine name that is a great alternative to Luke or Lucas, which we love. It's also more Italian which is great, except for the 'a' ending which is the same as our last name which worries us.

  • Marco

    We love Marco, we think it would work great with our last name, Santaguida. Marco is strong, Italian, and masculine, which we love, and yet it's still short and sweet without being too overused and outdated like Mark. We love Marco and considered it for a first name and middle name for our son.

  • Milena

    Nickname: "Mila" We love the name and the nickname. It's one of the most beautiful names we've come across and it's family related. It was a tough choice picking between Milena and Sabrina.

  • Rocco

    We adore the name Rocco but I don't think we could ever actually use it. Maybe for a puppy?

  • Sabrina

    We adore the name, it's elegant, classy, feminine, Italian, and to us, timeless.