Japanese, Sanskrit, or variation of Amy
"second beauty; second ocean; second truth; nectar; beloved"

Ami Origin and Meaning

The name Ami is a girl's name meaning "second beauty; second ocean; second truth; nectar; beloved".

A multicultural unisex choice that peaked for girls at the same time as Amy. Ami is also the French word for "friend."

# 951 in the US

Ami Rank in US Top 1000

Famous People Named Ami

  • Ami Bluebell DolenzAmerican actress
  • Ami KondoJapanese judoka
  • Ami VashiFemina Miss India 2003
  • Ami TokitoJapanese singer and model
  • Ami NakashimaJapanese pop singer and dancer
  • Ami OnukiJapanese singer of group Puffy AmiYumi
  • Ami KawaiJapanese actress
  • Ami KikuchiJapanese model and TV presenter
  • Ami KoshimizuJapanese voice actress
  • Ami SuzukiJapanese pop singer
  • Ami TrivediIndian actress
  • Amora "Ami" BrownAmerican reality TV personality of "Alaskan Bush People"
  • Ami TanimotoJapanese singer and member of Tsubaki Factory

Ami in Pop Culture

  • Ami Feycharacter from the Ace Attorney series
  • Ami Mizunocharacter in the series, 'Sailor Moon'
  • Ami Kawashimacharacter in the manga/anime "Toradora!"
  • Ami Hinamoricharacter in the Shugo Chara! manga series
  • Ami Kitajimacharacter in the manga Digimon Next
  • Ami Onukicharacter on animated series Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, based on the singer
  • AmiFrench for "friend"
  • Ami Kijimacharacter in the visual novel "NG"