Anime and Manga Names

Many jewels that could be worthy of a name of a Western baby can be found within the pages or episodes of Japanese manga and anime series. Here are a few worth considering. Many Western names often are used in manga/anime, and often provide great/evil namesakes for children. - Created by Aurra

  • Amane

    Death Note (Ah-muh-nay)

  • Ash


  • Elie

    Rave Master (Eh-lee-eh)

  • Erza

    Fairy Tail (Air-ih-zuh)

  • Gray

    Fairy Tail

  • Haru

    Rave Master (Ha-rue)

  • Kira

    Death Note

  • Kana

    Fairy tail (Caw-nuh)

  • Kanade

    Angel Beats (Caw-nuh-day)

  • Luna

    Sailor Moon

  • Mavis

    Fairy Tail

  • Misa

    Death Note (Me-suh)

  • Natsu

    Fairy Tail (Not-sue)

  • Rukia

    Bleach (Rue-key-uh)

  • Sakura

    Naruto (Sa-ker-uh)

  • Yui

    Angel Beats (Yu-ee)

  • Yuri

    Angel Beats (Yu-ree/Yu-lee)