My all time favorites!

These are some names i came to love, enjoy! - Created by MissShay

  • Astrid

    Short version of Astrine. Call her Astry, a magic name.

  • Barbara

    Barbie for short.

  • Catherine

    Classic beauty. Cat or Rin.

  • Charlotte

    A boy-ish girl? How bout Charlie? Or Charli if she's girly.

  • Domino

    James Bond's Thunderball. A great nickname.

  • Darcine

    Darcy to Cina.

  • Gwenivere

    Long and lovely. Gwen.

  • Isaiah

    It's lovely. No nickname needed. If yes than maybe Zaya.

  • Jayne

    A rough, but lovely name. Jaynie

  • Magdalena

    Or even Magnolia. Call her Maggie.

  • Mariel

    Angelic and seductive.

  • Minerva

    Harry Potter no more, call her Minnie!

  • Natalie

    A classy name, call her Nat.

  • Perdita

    Who loves disney 101 dalmatians will love it. Call her Perdy.

  • Perpetua

    A unique name. I came to call her Tia.

  • Piper

    It always reminded me of Charmed. Call her Pipes.

  • Raina

    A different version of Reyna. Call her Rain or Ray, maybe.

  • Rosalyn

    A long version of Rose. You can always call her Rose or Rosie.

  • Venus

    It reminds me of a mermaid name. If you want a nickname, call her Nessie. It's sweet and lovable.

  • Vivienne

    It can be hard, it can be sweet. Vivi, Viva ect.

  • Vixen

    Call her Vixey. It makes the name more girly.