First and middle names <(^^)>

The first names will be indicated with an (f) middle with a (m) - Created by amberglow

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  • Aksel

    Danish: AHK-sell (m) .Maksim Aksel

  • Arianwen

    welsh; ari- ON-win (m) Liv arianwen

  • Aylar

    Norwegian; EYE- lar (f)

  • Denise

    (m) so it's Aylar Denise, I love this combo ^^

  • Dyfri

    Welsh: DUH-vree (m) Isaac Dyfri

  • Eleonora

    (m) Thea Eleonora

  • Isaac


  • Jolan

    Hungarian: (YOH-lan) Nadja Jolan

  • Lene

    this name has many orgins; ger.,russ,pol. ( LEH-nuh (f0

  • Liv

    LEEV like leave its Norwegian (f)

  • Maelle

    French ; MAH-elle * the first 'e' has two dots over it (m) Lene Maelle

  • Maksim

    Russian; MACK-seem (f)

  • Marcel

    french; MAR-sail (m) so its pierrick marcel

  • Nadja

    German: said the same way(f)

  • Thea

    Norwegian: (TAY-uh) (f)

  • pierrick

    french: PEER-rick(f)

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